Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Betcha Didn't Know

This is the topic of my on-again/off-again Monday blog challenge. Yeah, it's Tuesday, but, as Ali would say, it's o-----kkkk.

10 Random Facts I Betcha Didn't Know About Me!

1. I love, love coffee; developed the habit in grad school.
2. I had eye surgery when I was four, weak muscle or something.
3. I hate cleaning the tub.
4. I love Frosted Mini Wheats anytime.
5. I used to hate my middle name, but now I think it's ok.
6. I wish my house were less cluttered.
7. I cry way too easily.
8. I work parttime, but I hate it.
9. I love our house.
10. I have the brownest thumb known to man.


Anonymous said...

Seems we have a few things in common on this list!! I absolutely LOVE coffee-I would have an IV hooked up if they'd let me. I also hate cleaning the tub (isn't that a man's job?? Just kidding) and every time I turn around, I'm crying (I've been like this forever and I do mean FOREVER!). I would love to be able to turn the tears off, be a little bit tougher but I don't know how...

Jessica said...

hey, I have a brown thumb too!!! don't be too sad!! LOL!

Cricket said...

cute cards Tracey!

Cricket :)

Tina said...

I already knew a bunch of those things about you!!!


What's your middle name?

Tina J.

Radona said...

great facts to know!!

Annette said...

I love coffee, too. And every green thing in my house turns brown. Love the list!!