Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I coulda scrapped all night...

But the crop was only til 9 pm, 2 full days this past Friday and Saturday, both til 9 pm, and still I didn't get done as much as I wanted. I worked on two projects: kindergarten scrapbooks for the girls and a fun valentine's day memento book just for fun since someone gave me a bunch of patterned paper and matching ribbons. I added embellies when they went on clearance, and voila, a quick scrapbook. Here is that one, photos in no particular order, and I didn't include the front page. I haven't taken pics of the kindergarten ones yet.
In other news, we finished up swimming lessons last week. This week brings school registration. There are a few issues there that I'm thinking about. We are also enjoying our new church, and I need to call about getting the girls in (what I used to call) CCD for the fall. Husband has some irons in the fire (prayers welcomed for this). Work for me continues to be ok...tiring some after all this time working there.
The summer has come and is waning with us having not finished much of what we planned to do....the kitchen still isn't painted, nor is the hallway or our bedroom. The basement still isn't tidied from last summer's flooding. The back deck isn't painted. The yard isn't weeded. Siigghh....what happened to our get-up-and-go??

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A quick card

I have some new stamps and I saw Jeanette's sketch challenge over at the 2RedBananas blog, so here ya go. :)

Two....get me two....

Stupid movie reference, I know. Or have you seen Point Break, by any chance?

Anyhoo....here are the two pages I finished this morning. You can now see what the "two" reference is for. One page for each of the girls' books. Em likes the pink; Maddie loves green. I did have a second, different ice cream paper, but figured I'd save it for something else. It's Basic Grey and is pretty cool, but completely different. This one is Imaginesce, very cool. The brown polka-dot is the reverse of the ice cream side. Gotta love that. This is the only piece of the line I bought, and it did the trick. Cardstock is Bazzill bling. Ice cream cone is QK. I think that yellow scalloped ribbon is Fancy Pants from the Office line? I bought it on clearance, I remember that. Sticker labels are Jenni Bowlin. Alpha is AC Thickers. Not sure I'm in love with these pages, other than the photos, which I do love, but the pages are....what?...say it with me.....DONE! I do love THAT!

Anyway, my goal is to get some pages done, use the new stuff I just had to have, and also to burn the stash as much as possible, downsizing as I go. Hope you like 'em, too. :)

Making the switch and another swim page

I didn't cut off my other blog in time to miss the next month's charges, but I believe I'm going to work with this one from now on to get the hang of it. Cool, huh? Not quite as fancy-dancy, but it'll do just fine, I do believe.

Here's another swim page I did...figured I had more of this paper that I really liked from last summer, plus the flowers I bought to match it. This page will go in the family book. The previous two are for each of the girls' books. This paper was by WRMK exclusive for Archivers last summer. The bling matched the line. Flowers by Prima also bought last summer (just perfect for the paper though). Chipboard corners are Bo Bunny. And, my rockin-the-stash move here is the rub-on title by MME that's at least 2-3 years old!
I have also completed a page for each of the girls' books using photos from our first trip to Snookies Malt Shop this year. I'll get those up this weekend, too, but haven't snapped pics yet. Used the fun Imaginesce ice cream paper...forget what the line is called, but it's this year's.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Testing again...posting photos

I remember previously leaving blogger because of endless troubles posting photos. Hopefully, that's all a thing of the distant past. Here goes....

What I did tonight - a couple of pages, one for each of the girls, using the summer 2008 WRMK line for A's that I liked so much last year. Glad to have these photos which are perfect for it! Yellow chipboard from Bo Bunny. Flowers are Prima, bought to match this paper...pretty good match, huh? :)

Ok, I'm not thrilled with how the photos are formatting. I'm going to have to look up some tips on sizing and placement of photos...thus far, it seems easy to upload, but I'm not happy with the result when seeing the post. What gives with this, I wonder. Like how I can custom-size the photos in Typepad. Can Blogger do that?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Testing, 1, 2, 3...

After a bit of thought about the ol' blog and other sites I now frequent like Facebook and Twitter, I decided to come back to Blogger and see how the site works now. My last post, still listed below, was nearly 3 years ago, when the site here was really sucking, so I moved to Typepad. I've been using (and paying for) that site since then, and even though it's only a token amount, I decided that if Blogger is up to snuff now, I should try it again and eliminate the cost of Typepad since I don't blog as much as I used to. I guess that's what Facebook has done in giving me another site to share some photos and updates with family and friends. So, this is sort of a "test post" to see how I like Blogger again.

Like my design? Free download elements and PSE....I'm so far from knowing what I'm doing with such things, but it's better than the basic template options, I think.