Friday, July 14, 2006

The first step to fixing a problem

is to admit you have one, right? Well, I'm a bad blogger. I have had so little time and energy lately, and when I do have time or energy for blogging (hey, it takes THOUGHT, ya know!), I don't think to do so. So, bad blogger, me, hi, nice to meet ya. Anyway, so what's up?

Here, nothing and everything. Major life changes going on. Remaining optimistic in the midst of my panic. Hopeful. Scared shitless. Glad for some things. Mad about some others. We'll see what happens. Say a prayer for us and wish us well.

Fun stuff? Hmmm....going to a prepaid class with Donna Downey tomorrow. Someone had to want to buy my slot in order to cancel and get credit, and I'm not just giving them my money, so off I go. It's just under 2 hours east; the husband, girls and I are driving together, just to get a break from being here. He'll take the girls to lunch then maybe Barnes and Noble kids area while I'm in my 2-hour class. Hopefully, it'll be ok. Donna should be fun. I hear she rocks!!

Been teaching a lot at A's. Teaching two classes right now, and did both this past week. Another Wednesday night, if it makes, and another the following Monday. Working lots of hours, too. The husband is sitting for the Praxis I exam on Wednesday, so if my class makes, we gotta find a babysitter or I gotta find someone to teach the class, and I'm the only person who has taught it - all 6 times so far. If it's just a couple of people registered, I think Carla will bump them to the August class, and she'd have done that anyway, not just cause I have a conflict. Monday or so, I should know. We have to give 48 hours notice to people for changes.

Ummmm....the husband is all registered for the Kaplan University online Masters in Education program. It's a pilot program in Iowa only right now; it's for bachelors degree people not already in education to get the grad degree in education in a particular (really shortage area) subject area. Thank goodness, the husband is a math major geek education person from undergrad courses, and 7-12 math is a shortage area. We're having to secure student loans (UGH), but are hoping to figure out the loan forgiveness program in exchange for teaching so many years here. But we're not sure about that. Also, if one job opportunity comes through as we pray, there is tuition help. So, again, say a prayer for us!!

Ok, it's late, but I wanted to update a bit anyway. Let me see if I can dig up posted images of more recent layouts to share.


Anonymous said...

Ah heck, Tracey! Big hugs going out to you. I'm bummed that it looks like you won't be coming to Illinois. Big prayers going up for you. It's got to be so stressful right now.

Anonymous said...

hubby will do well in masters program and ALL will work out. Student loans are a biggie (I don't think)...many employers offer assistance if you promise to work for them for x-amt of years and if need be they can be post-poned (sp?) under finacial hardship "clause". Good luck and remember I love you!