Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Surprised to see a new post, huh? Well, me, too! The husband and I have been pretty busy lately, working opposite schedules, running like crazy. Makes it hard to relax and do anything but read and keep up with the essentials. Hopefully, things will get back to normal soon. He's training for a weekend job now, so that's more hours than there will be when things settle out, and I'm also working double, it seems, so we're getting used to that kind of hustle and bustle. I'm loving the days at A's though. Nice change from the evening pace. I miss (generally nighttime supervisor) Dana though! I am going to be teaching 3 different upcoming workshops, which is cool! Doodling (RF stamps workshop), Hero Arts cards, and calendar workshop.

Umm..what else. Finished the She CJ from CKU-A in Chicago. Need to take and upload some photos of my intro pages and my lo for my theme that everyone completed layouts on, which is "Why I Scrapbook." I am in LOVE with my pages, as I finally used my Rhonna Farrer paper that I've been coveting. Also finished up a recipe swap and, when combined with two previous recipe swaps, gives me a nice 8x8 album that I altered the cover on and made a nice title page for (and that is one of the Elsie book challenges, too, so neato on that). And today, yep, I'm on a roll!, I did 2 pages and have one more going for my Heidi Swapp "She" album from CKU. Woohoo! Still, piles of stuff I wanna do, layouts and all, but at least there's progress. I'm so proud of my She CJ that I can't stand myself. Oh, and get this - I got my CKU Minneapolis CJ back! Woohoo!! This is from 2005, friends. I had Nietra bring it to me as soon as she got it, even though she didn't do her pages yet (hear that, Nietra? Make my pages!!). I'm thrilled, as I thought I'd never see it again. Hoping Miss Tina (yeah, you) will do a page set for me, even though she wasn't in the cj but was at CKU in 2005 with us. It's an 8 1/2x11 format, theme is "What I Know for Sure," and no tag, but sign a 3x3 piece of cardstock for the intro mini book, please.

Job front for the husband - weekend job going great-check; two phone interviews for 2 different jobs-check; at least one of those REALLY sounding good-check; classes started for masters in education program-check. So, the "worst" could be worse, I guess, and time will tell how we'll be for the long run.

Oh, house still a mess - yeah, as always. LOL We barely stay on top of the must-do's and can't get to the need-to-do's or want-to-do's, though the husband did clean crayon off half a wall in the basement today. Maybe someday we'll finish painting down there.

Visited with miss Nietra on Friday night and some Saturday. We cropped an hour or so here late Friday night, then she cropped at A's on Saturday while I worked. Fun, seeing a friend. They are in short supply these days, that's for sure. Miss Shannon now has a new baby girl!! How exciting and I know a relief for her. Visited a couple few weeks ago, handed off a ton of baby girl stuff, clothes and all, and I hope she's home and comfy very soon if not already. Can't wait to see new baby!

Okie doke.....gotta check on my girlies, who I believe are watching a Disney movie, so cool. :)


Tina said...

Love how you slipped in the theme, size and sign-in info for the MN cj into your blog entry! LOL I'll put it on my list to do!

I'm glad you updated. I feel like I know what's going on with you now... Talk to you soon.


Cricket said...

Hey girlfriend! Nice to see ya updated, I need to do that too! I'm so happy you got your cj back! I know how maddening it can be to have them forever floating out there!

Cricket :)

Becca said...

Great update--and soooooooo happy for you that you finally got your post-CKU c.j. back! YIKES!

And that, my friend, is the reason why I don't do post-anything c.j.s! : )


Anonymous said...

Wish we lived closer...would love to take some classes from you! So glad to hear you got your cj back!