Monday, August 10, 2009

School supplies and the like

My gosh, I can't believe it's time to buy school supplies. Actually, I think we were late when buying supplies today. Many bins and displays were picked over; the three-ring binders were boring at best with only navy and black to choose from. What an exciting yet sad thing to be doing -- the excitement of back-to-school and the sadness that the summer is nearly over. Wow.

We got nearly everything we needed. The girls's separate classes have separate class lists, so that's a pain. If Maddie weren't in the new "combined" class of first and second graders, her list would be the same as Em's....ah well. We shall see what that situation brings as the school year gets started. Tissues still need to be purchased, as we need so many boxes for the two classes that we decided to wait for a good deal on a multi-box offer. I never envisioned my life and looking for a good deal on tissues. I really know how to live, I tell ya.

We have previously purchased some back-to-school clothes, and the girls seem happy with what we got. I got a fantastic deal...stumbled into it, Gap Kids. They had a sale on clearance items, and we got two pairs of jeans (Gap jeans!) and four t-shirts for the girls for -- wait for it -- $48! That's hard to beat anywhere. We spent $20 at Target on two cute denim skirts, for gosh sakes. Lastly, we hit Sears, where we found Levi jeans marked down to $12, then a bunch of Roughskins coordinates for 2/$10 for the girls AND sneakers they love ON SALE. I gotta say, we did great in finding deals the girls love. This year, Em will have Wizards of Waverly Place sneakers, which I think she will love as much as she does her Hannah Montana ones from last year, and Maddie has Camp Rock sneakers she loves. Yippee on those finds.

I had hoped to post photos of the kindergarten scrapbooks that I did for the girls at my crop a few weeks ago, but, alas, I just haven't had a chance to photograph it. Had Monday off last week and worked on Saturday. Went to early church on Sunday and also attended the newcomers' breakfast, which was very nice. Cleaned and organized the linen closet. Scrapbooked not a bit, but I want to. Just trying to find a relaxing mood since it's no fun when there's too much external stress. I've gotten some great clearance and Hot Spot bargains ($1-$1.38) lately, and I can't wait to use some stash!

Hope it's not too hot where you are.....kinda steamy here this past week, that's for sure. :D

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