Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Flat hair?

Ok, so I'm looking at the pics below and thinking, sheesh, I've got flat hair. You know how when the lady fixes your hair and it's not the way you would fix it, so you fool with it on the way home? Well, it's still an improvement over how badly outgrown my hairstyle was, but I gotta get my poof today. Trust me, it'll poof, and it'll be better. lol


Jessica said...

Tracey, I LOVE the new hair!!! you girls are all making me want to change my hair do now!! LOL! I'll have to put you into my favorites!

Sarah said...

Oh man...I'm dealing with that right now. Got my hair cut Saturday. It sure did look cute and stylish then. Now? Flat as flat can be.

Oh well.