Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pre-pre-school blues

So today we went to pre-pre-school for the 3rd and last time. The "director" told me last week that she and the teachers are concerned with the girls' apparent fear of the bathroom. They don't care if the girls go potty or not (they are only there for 2 hours a week, anyway), but they MUST wash their hands before snacks. This is a health department regulation (yeah, I confirmed it). I figure, sheesh, won't an antibacterial wipe do the trick? Health department and day-care licensing guy says their doctor can write them a note about their phobia and an exception would be made, but I'm still not taking the girls back. They just turned 3, they will go to 3-year-old pre-school in the fall, and that will be fine. This was an attempt to get them involved outside the house and with other children to help them learn and play with others, share, etc. The director was pretty rude, which is why I used quotes around her title in the sentence above. I mean, here I am, obviously-distraught parent with 2 3-year-olds who want to go to school, and she's just walking by like I'm not even there. "We have to keep the group together," she says. So I ask, is it a "keep the group together" issue or a wash-hands issue? There are 7 kids in the class and 2 teachers. Sheesh...can't they wash their hands in shifts with those numbers? The potty is just a few paces from their class, too. Even the pastor who walked by showed concern for my distraught state at least. Well, good riddence, I guess. If she can be that rude and unfeeling (not even showing sympathy, despite the "rules" is what gets me), I don't want my children in her school anyway. And this a church facility. Harumph!! I have already enrolled the girls in a closer church program that starts after labor day. It's a 3-year-old class, twice a week, and my friends have their kids there and LOVE how they nurture the kids and HELP them. Gee, what a concept.

So yesterday, I did two simple layouts while the girls played, but I'm waiting for my new QK Studio Classic alphabet to arrive by mail so I can put titles on them before posting. :)


Amy said...

Tracey, I totally think you did the right thing by pulling your girls out of that program!!! If the staff isn't willing to even talk it over with you then to he** with them. Just makes me so mad! I'm sure that the new school will be so much better! Oh and btw...I am completely JEALOUS that you're getting QK Studio! Have fun with it!

laura said...

that is just too bad!! I worked at a day care center and that certainly wouldn't have happened,EVER! You are doing the best thing for your girls!

Sarah said...

Oh Tracey...I'm so sorry the director wasn't more sympathetic. You've definitely done the right thing by pulling your girls out of that atmosphere...who knows what the next issue would have been??! It sounds like the school in the fall will be a wonderful setting that will actually nurture the girls...what a concept!!