Saturday, September 02, 2006


So how did fall get here so fast? It seems like it's fall, even though it's just now become September. This is Labor Day weekend, and after this, we're full-fledged into fall, whatever the official start is. My girlie girls start 3-year preschool next week. I started to question whether to send them, but it's a small, very reasonable investment in them (just $75 ea per month - that's reasonable, right?) that I think we can do, even with our changed circumstances (the husband taking grad teaching classes, needing a new job to work with that, my working more hours, etc.). And I believe it will do so much for the girls. So, off to school they go on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The first day is more for parents and official info stuff, but the kids should have fun.

Never did get my fair photos up. Here's one of my little farmers with their buckets of veggies and other farm goodies. The glare was in their eyes in most photos, but they still look pretty darn cute in their farm aprons!

Found this on one of my message boards - good for a coupon for a free full-size pkg, if nothing else! It's for baking chocolate, not sure what else. Give it a try if you wanna. They said spread the word, so there ya go.

Work is going ok. The husband loves his weekend job at the WB station. Brings out his inner electronics technician. Go figure. LOL My work at A's goes pretty well. Love the is a nice change of pace from what I did for so long there on the evening shift, and a change is always good. Of course, there's nothing like being able to see lots of new scrapbook goodies around either. I just wish the buyers would realize what all they are missing out on by not having some companies' goods in the store. I miss Junkitz, Scenic Route, 7Gypsies, Rusty Pickle and even the newer Heidi Swapp stuff.....A's buyers: wake up!!!

Ok, I gotta go read some blogs. Haven't done that in ages either. SO much to keep up with, ya know?? Oh, I also added a new layout to the slide of the girls. It needs something at the bottom, but I don't have a new photo of the fix for it, so just imagine a strip of the pink pp across the bottom to anchor it.

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Cricket said...

Your little farmers are just too cute Tracey!

Cricket :)