Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yea, Preschool!

So we did it...the girlie girls are in pre-school now. They love it. Though Emily informed me the first day, the day when the parents were only down the hall in the parent meeting volunteering for the phone tree and to make Play-doh, that "I looked everywhere for you, and then I cried." How sweet is that? Bless her little heart. The next day, when the parents truly did leave, her teacher informed me at dismissal that she only cried during transition, and she was fine and had fun. Both she and Maddie reported just one activity for the entire afternoon: playing on the PLAYGROUND!!!! I know they did other things, but that's all they had to say. Good enough. I have a cute photo of the girls out front on our way to school, but, of course, Blogger won't let me post photos now. Stupid blogger. Makes me wanna switch to Typepad. So here's a link to my cutie-pies, smirking as usual.

The husband and I went to the home improvement store to take advantage of a paint sale during the couple of hours the girls were in school. SO excited about that. We're painting the basement main room, aka the playroom, a tangerine-looking orange, white, and a splash of green on one wall. Rearranged a bit, still working on it, trying to make it a fun spot for the girls rather than, well, a basement.

Trying to finish some swaps and stuff with scrapbooking. Kinda tired of all the circle journals and swaps, wanting to get to my own stuff like NOW. Finished the CKU-A cj, finally. Just need to mail them off to Tina. Starting a new cj with a group from last year that was just super, so I don't mind that, and I used a journal we did at CKU Minneapolis as my book, so I just had to do the pages, the book was already done. Working on the recipe swap, which is just 5 8x8 pages. I'm finished with it, all but adding the recipe card in the pocket. My pages came out kinda funky, cause I was using 5 different colors of Bazzill 8x8 cardstock that I'm trying to use up, plus some My Life KI that seemed to match all the colors, punched some Whale Retro Flowers, painted and stamped some chipboard label thingys that Kara sent me (thanks, Kara!). Pages are ok, but not great. Like I said, funky looking. Hope my fellow recipe swappers forgive me! Also working on the 6x6 Friendship page swap....30 of those suckers! I cut my name and a flower out of each with the Wishblade, which looks cool, backing with pp (BG Gypsie) and adding more pp, buttons and some journaling, plus some Primas. Kinda cool. Ready to be done with it. Quite a bit of detail work still to do. Basic pages are done, at least.

I am excited about one swap - the Trading Pages swap on WT. I got Laura to trade with, who, from looking at her CHA photos, loves Heidi Swapp as much as I do. Well, Heidi is my girl! Ok, my product girl, so Laura, I got your back on this swap!!

So that's about it for now. No updates on anything...just working and doing. Should do more housework. Trying to figure out how to make the house "nicer" with two three-year-olds and a dog that sheds. Tired of the disarray; not sure what to do about it. So what's up with you?

Oh, I need to fix my blog set up. Couldn't figure it out when I tried once, will try again. UGH.


Anonymous said...

I'm sooooooo happy for you all!! How exciting too!! Love the picture (and see that bobo (??) made the photo too!!!)...the girls look so sweet and like they are growing up so fast!! Next thing you know they will be at school full time!!

Hope you and Vern are doing well. I miss you and love you. Can't wait to see the basement! love you...

Anonymous said...

Awww, that's a sweet picture of your girls & their stuffed animals.