Friday, November 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!

The husband and I married 5 years ago today. Wow....what a long, strange trip it's been (thanks, Jerry!). When I think's hard to believe all we've packed into our five years. As far as us together, the girls, our family, things couldn't be better. Sure, we bicker over stupid stuff, we all have our stupid stuff, right?, but in general things are golden! (errr...or whatever the 5 year anniversary is). Wish the external world were as easy to control. Hopefully, in time, the external things, very important things, will clarify and improve as well.

What else....I've been ebaying a lot this week. When I work at it, it works for us, so a listing, listing, listing, I go! Here's my latest craft that's listed. Love these lunchboxes!


Tina said...

Five years is wood. Scott and I just had our fifth anniversary on October 14th.

Gorgeous lunch pail!!!


twistedsoda said...

Beautiful lunch pail!!! Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

Amanda said...

This is so awesome, I wished I had half your talent!

Kara said...

Happy Anniversary girlfriend!! I *miss* you SO much!! Check in with me!