Sunday, November 13, 2005

They say it's my birthday....

well, it was last Monday. Been a busy week or two here in our household, some good, some not so good. Since the husband's birthday, I've also had a Stampin' Up! workshop, my birthday, a household full of sick babies and sick Mommy, and now plans are firming up for our anniversary next week, then Thanksgiving soon after. The girls' birthday is in December, then Christmas....yep, we got everything absolutely as close together as possible. Lots of celebrating and gifts and loving around our house! We didn't do a lot for our birthdays...had a joint dinner out, some free babysitting (thank you, Nietra!!), some lounging around Borders like grown-ups (something we haven't done since the girls were too tiny to make a fuss), and, on my birthday, a trip to the McDonalds playland for dinner. Hey, don't knock it...the girls played while we sat and knew they were right there and safe. Well, Emily did get scared at the top of the tower thing and the husband had to climb up and get her, but she was never unsafe. Maddie was all over the place like Laura Croft, dangling by one arm and stuff. I had meant to spend some of my birthday weekend scrapbooking just for me, but I didn't do so until last night. I got two pages in my "me" book done, a 12x12 page of the husband's birthday picture, a Scrabble Scores altered comp book, and cleaned up a bit in the sb room. Oh! I received this cool new mug and some coffees for my big day, as well as a Fiskars Craft Drill. Just call me Donna Downey!


rashbre said...

Hi, I noticed you'd swung by my blog today. Happy Birthday from the UK - it was mine too on 11th November!


Kara said...

Happy birthday!! :D Sounds like you had fun!! :D