Friday, August 12, 2005

I think I screwed up my layout

I'm trying to use my handwriting as often as possible on my layouts. I guess it's the trend these days; also, for me, it's easier than going up from the basement to the PC desk where the printer is and doing my journaling. On this layout, though, I screwed up. The handwriting looked lost, so I tried to fix it with a mini-headline. The GIN-X rubons look fab, but the "Girls" handwriting sucks. I used too fine a point to start with, so I had to trace over it with a broad tip. I dunno. What's it look like to you? Don't you love my rock and roll chicks?? I couldn't believe the photo when I saw it. All I really wanted was a photo of Emily with her Magna-Doodle artwork, but they wouldn't stand still and Emily wouldn't stand by her screen. This is what I got, and it's the coolest photo. It provided me with a much-sought chance to use this MOD paper, too, not to mention the hard-to-match Gameboard chipboard alphabets.


Jill P. said...

Tracey, I just started reading your blog and love it! Oh, and I love your layout too, I don't think you screwed it up at all, I like your handwriting. Oh, and you have beautiful girls! Lovin that paper too!

{ Blessed Daily } said...

i kinda stumbled on your blog... i think your LO is awesome and since it's finished do what a friend did and get white CS write out your journaling again ink it and place it right over you original journal it made it really POP and she was happy after that... but unless its really bothering you i'd leave it and i think its great that your using your own handwriting. sorry so long.

Cynthia said...

I love this! What great design! I think your handwriting is wonderful here. Don't change it! :)