Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tag! Now YOU'RE it!

Thanks again to Donna Downey, whose blog I read and got involved in the Tag game! The idea is that if you're reading this, you're obligated to post five random facts about yourself. I read her blog, so here ya go:

Hmmm, 5 things...
1. I sometimes let my twins fight because they have to figure out how to share and get along without me interferring.

2. I have lots of signed first edition Eudora Welty, Richard Ford, and John Grisham books.
3. I used to put every single thing away in my scrapbook room as soon as I used it, like glue dots. Use one, put the roll back in the drawer. I"ve gotten better about this.
4. I love coffee. Let me say that again. I love coffee. It's an obsession that started in grad school, and it doesn't make me feel old at all. lol
5. Since becoming a SAHM, many people are surprised when I mention that I went to grad school. BA and MA in English -- want fries with that??

Ok, now go on; you do it. Oh, and no new layouts yet because I've worked on ebay projects this week.


Kara said...

Tracy~what sorta cool things do you have up your sleeve? Are you working on the same 'project' for ebay that I am? Email me will ya!?!

Nietra said...

Goof! You tell me I have to read your blog to see what you are working on and then there is no post of projects for 4 days now...

HUM... Guess I'll have to stalk ebay!