Monday, August 29, 2005

Lunch Boxes

So when did the Lunch Box craze begin in scrapbooking? Apparently, this great little box appeared and someone knew what to do with it. They sure are cute. The latest must-have-can't-find scrapbooking item. I think the last one was the Target Document Boxes. Yeah, I got some of those, but only because a new Target opened by us and they had them. And I got the lunch boxes. I'm expecting four in today's mail, and I bought the last five at my lss on Friday. Of course, I immediately sold three to friends. That's sort of why I nabbed the last they had, to cover my friends, too. Here's the one I made to sell. Wish me luck that my lunch box does well on ebay!


Kara said...

huh? LOL

anyways....Tracey~good luck!! I am waiting to see how good mine does before embarking on any more!!

101493 said...
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Cynthia said...

Too cute! Love that lunch box!