Monday, August 01, 2005

Painting the Bathroom

It seems like it's taking forever to get our bathroom repainted. Not for lack of trying. Maybe for lack of time and energy though. And this: the lavender paint is stubborn! When we first previewed the house, I thought the bathroom looked nice, fresh and springy. Once we bought it and moved in, and the more time I spent in and out of the bathroom, I started to hate it....not so much slowly, but mostly all at one time. The previously-springy yellow walls started to annoy me in that yucky glowing-yellow sort of way. The trim around the little cabinets, laundry shoot, and built in curio (the house was built in 1940ish) turned out to be not a nice white contrast but a faint LAVENDER for goodness' sake. That meant that what I first thought was a nice blue painted sink cabinet was actually a weird purple-blue. UGH. Finally, we bought paint. After a few months more, we decided to get it out and apply some to the bathroom walls and trim. Well, to the walls anyway. I chose a nice beigey tone to bring some natural cleanness to the room. It's a bit dark, but nice. This past weekend, after several more weeks had passed since the wall painting, the husband got in there and started on the lavender trim, or should I say the stubborn lavender trim. It does NOT want to be covered. Yep, he sanded. Yep, he used more than one coat. I think it's just possessed or something. Hopefully, the third time will be the charm and I'll get my white trim. After that, we move to the cabinet to apply sage green. Ooohhh.....won't that be nice?

Here are two layouts I did last night. One is of the girls about a year ago; the other is my first pet layout; I promise the dog has a face...the angle of the pic and a bit of glare don't help though.

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Jocelyn said...

These LOs are so cute, Tracey! I LOVE them!!