Friday, August 19, 2005

Today's not been my day

You know how you get really excited about things coming in the mail? Well, I do. Today, I received one of my kit clubs in the mail. I ripped that box open poste haste! Bummer to find that one of the "you pick it" items was the wrong one. I sent an email and got an immediate reponse AND a phone call, so that was good. What wasn't good was that we continued talking. The kit owner made me a nice offer to be guest designer for their other club, but since I just this week did NOT make her design team, I decided to pass. Then she tells me that I missed it by one person. Then which person, and I got to look up her work. UGH. Mine is definitely better. I mean, really. Not just that I"m partial, either. I can't imagine why they thought the basic entries submitted were better than my very crafty ones. No accounting, I guess.....anyway, the phone call kinda bummed us both, cause it reminded me that I'd lost, and let her know how displeased I was. Oh well....what'd ya do, huh?

THEN, I've also been waiting for a package won on ebay -- a packed full set of Lil Davis chipboard and more. It didn't come today. It should have come today. The seller has mostly great feedback, but just enough not good, and not good at all, that I asked for her info and gave a quick call. That call started out ok, but also ended up a bummer because she was on the defense, and I am really worried about getting this package! Well, she gave me the tracking number, which is of no use because the system doesn't update, and basically didn't seem to have any sympathy for my plight. I sent her another email that I"m sorry she thinks I have attitude about it, and she called me back saying she's been looking at ebay trying to see why I didn't receive her emails. So maybe it's all good. Hopefully, the package will come tomorrow.

Still -- two deals kinda bummed my day. I'm sure both will work out fine. Tomorrow is another day, right?


Tina J. said...

We'll get the ebay stuff. Don't worry. I've purchased things before, that took longer than this, to ship out. I'm not worried.


Jocelyn said...

Tracey, that bites. I understand how you feel- I get apprehensive with mail too. My on-line picture order didn't go well, but they resent it, so it's all good- and I'm sure everything will work out too!

You are super talented, and trust me, you don't need to be on a DT to tell you that! Maybe they were just going for a different style, but it's good to know that she still loves your work enough to ask you to be guest designer, right? ((HUGS))